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Results You'll Love

Marketing through the use of social media is one of LONI’s top specialties. We will work alongside your business to develop an effective social media strategy to reach your target audience.

We will not only create social media accounts for your business, but will also maintain those accounts for you which is most timely for you as an individual.  One of our many assets is continuously hooking your business up with consistent and unique content.  By utilizing our content creation service, your customers will remain interested and engaged. 

LONI also has the tools to keep track of social media traffic and analysis. We will keep you updated with how many visitors your various social media platforms are getting, and which posts are more popular with your viewers. 

While we take utmost care of your social media accounts, you will have the time to focus on all other important parts of your business.


A Perfect Website for Your Business

Creating a website for your business is another extremely effective marketing strategy to inform your clients and customers on what services and products your business provides. These clients may also be able to place orders through your personalized website as well.  

A website is a great way to keep your personal gallery of services, prices of those services, contact information and location, as well as much more all in one place. A well-designed website can not only build your business’s credibility, but also expand your market. LONI works with a variety of website platforms to ensure the best fit for your business and budget.

Web Design
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Let Us Help You Craft the Perfect Brand

Everyone has heard of the phrase “build your brand”, but what exactly does that mean? Brand marketing is all about making your business stand out from others and focusing on the key features that are used to identify your business.

At LONI, we promise that we will work with you to develop a strong brand identity and strategy that best fits what you want your business to stand for. It is important to have a solid brand foundation for your business to build success.


Custom Designs for You

Graphic design is a key element among the marketing development process. Unique graphic design can enhance your entire marketing development process by grabbing the attention of the audience. Professional graphics are a great way to build credibility and brand recognition with your customers.

At LONI, we believe that first impressions are always important. With effective graphics, your business will successfully get your message across.

Graphic Design


Be Ahead of the Game

A competitive analysis is an extensive assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors, as well as your own business. There are several benefits from performing a competitive analysis, such as getting a better understanding of your target market and your competitors; which will ultimately result in a more successful business.


We Will Handle it

At LONI, we can also reach your target audience with the use of traditional marketing services. We can help you with email marketing, print advertisements, newsletters, brochures, direct mail advertisements, and more. We believe that traditional marketing services are especially beneficial when wanting to reach a targeted local audience, and when running a specific marketing campaign.

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