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Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website (Even if you Have Social Media)

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Many people often ask me if their business should have a website if they already post regularly on social media outlets. My answer to that question is YES. I understand that the time it takes to design a website that perfectly reflects your business, and the money it may cost to do so may seem like a struggle at first.. But in my opinion, a website is an investment into the future of your business’ success.

So why do you need a website if you already have Facebook and Instagram? First thing’s first, Facebook and Instagram are not one hundred percent reliable. You cannot control the changes made on the structure of these pages, or the popularity among the social community. For instance… Does anyone remember MySpace? Or Vine? I am not saying that Facebook and Instagram are going to disappear into thin air tomorrow, but the point is, you cannot control what happens to these pages. Social media is constantly changing, which is great for many reasons (coming soon in another blog post!), but there is no security in completely relying on it as your business platform.

A second reason why businesses need more than social media pages, is that a website will be a reflection of a business’ brand. The colors of the website, the descriptions, photos, layout, word font, blog posts… all of these factors can build onto making your special brand. I cannot stress enough how important branding is. Social media cannot speak for a brand entirely on its own, however a custom website is the perfect place for that.

Lastly, a well designed website will show up in search results, whereas social media pages will not show up unless someone types in the name of the page. A website can display all of your forms of marketing in one place, such as social media posts, news articles, blog posts, merchandise, email subscriptions, and more will be connected. When all of these are connected, your customers can find what they need easily and readily. With a little help from a SEO nerd like myself, your website will start to show up in search results online, where you may find customers from places you never expected!

I could continue talking on and on about why a website is so important for businesses, but I’m glad I could address the top three reasons today. Stay tuned for my next blog posts to learn more about how you and your business can strive with the use of a personalized website!

Have a great rest of your week! -Kristen

**Edits made by Elizabeth Daly

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