• Kristen Orr

What is LONI Marketing?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I initially found my inspiration for LONI when I realized how much of a need there was for a marketing business within the Adirondacks and North Country. I grew up in an incredibly small town in upstate New York, and have watched so many businesses thrive at first, due to excitement of a new spot, and sadly had to watch them close as quickly as they had begun. I believe that if small business owners study their market, analyze what their target market truly wants and needs, as well as promote their products and services in an efficient and strategic way, then they all can be successful.

My goal is to help small business owners make their business last, and I believe that if you have a dream to open your own restaurant or boutique, then you should follow that dream. Make it happen! Quit the desk job and stop wondering if you will ever get a chance to enjoy what you do for a living.

Entrepreneurs have to be willing to adapt, and also prepared to accept help from others. Oftentimes, people say that entrepreneurs wear all the "hats", and I definitely agree with that, but I also feel that if the hat doesn't fit perfectly then maybe throw your logo on it, and let someone else wear it. Asking for help is something we all need to be better at, especially when the future of your business could depend on it!

LONI Marketing is an independently owned, woman-led, small business who strives to help other small businesses become seen, heard, and most importantly loved by their target market. Although there may be only a few of us here at LONI Marketing thus far, we are dedicated to helping your business grow alongside ours.

Edits made by Elizabeth Daly.

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